Lets Start Building Community

By Jessica Jones, CMCA

Now that the Board has set the foundation of the community by drafting Rules & Regulations, let’s start Building Community! Whether you are first time home buyer or moving into your retirement home, people want to feel welcomed when moving into a new community. It gives them a sense of belonging and makes them feel a part of the association.

As the Management Company, we can inform the committee or Board of the new owners and we can send a welcome letter or packet. But truly, it’s people that make a community. If you see someone moving in and you haven’t heard from the management company yet, feel free to go over and introduce yourself!

A Welcome Basket is always a nice touch. It can be as extravagant as having customized coffee mugs made or as simple as a reference sheet with important phone numbers.

Below is a list of ideas you could include:
A Board of Directors Welcome Letter (include contact and important info)
A CD with a copy of the Governing Documents and Rules & Regulations
A Reference Sheet with Important Phone Numbers (Hospitals, Vets, School District, Poison Control)
Current copy of Newsletter
Coupons from Local Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Diners
Coupons from Local Services (Carpet Cleaning, Landscapers, Handyman)
Map of the City and Upcoming City Events
Information on Local Job Openings & Volunteer Opportunities

A Welcome Committee could introduce new companies to the newcomers first and in person, influencing their purchasing decisions at a critical time in their decision making process. This is a great way to get the Welcome Baskets financed.

Below are also some interesting statistics:
• 1 in 5 people move every year. That’s 20% of the US population, or 40 million families.
• In total, newcomers spend approximately $110 billion on move-related goods and services annually.
• Newcomers have no shopping loyalties in their new community and are eager to receive information for products and services they need.
• Most newcomers form their buying decisions within the first 90 days at their new address.

We have a lot of this information already available to us and we also work with a lot of vendors who would love the opportunity to promote their business. If this is something the Board would like to do, just let us know!