Legislative Update HB2513 / SB6325

We are nearly one month into the legislative session and with the first significant deadline just passed; the WSCAI LAC is monitoring the following bill. There are several deadlines that bills need to meet before the last day of the 60 day regular session, scheduled for March 2.  All policy bills must have been reported out of committee by February 3 and then reported out of the house of origin by February 14.

HB 2513/SB 6325 – Common Interest Community Managers (CICMs) Exemption 

These bills are exactly the same – one is in the Senate and one in the House. They exempt CICMs from having to become a licensed real estate broker. We have been notified by the Department of Licensing that if the legislature does not act otherwise the Department will enforce their interpretation of the law and require CICMs to be licensed real estate brokers. This decision does not benefit the homeowners who hire CICMs, nor the CICMs themselves.

Both bills have been reported out of their policy committees unanimously and now go to the entire body of their chamber for a vote and must be passed by that body by February 14. Once that vote occurs the bills will face similar process in the opposite house.

The Washington Realtors Association have voiced concerns with the bills. They argue the duties of CICMs mirror those of brokers. WSCAI obviously disagrees with their position and are taking the opportunity to educate lawmakers about the differences of a real estate broker and a CICM.

We need your help! 

Please contact your state legislator to request they support these bills.  The difference between rental property management and community management is huge.  And as a small business, the burred of the additional expense to license our entire staff is overwhelming.

Here is a link to the web site to contact your legislator.  It’s easy.  Just enter your address and a list will appear for your district.  You can send them all an email all at one time.  Tell them you would appreciate their support on these bills because there is a difference in the two professions.

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We at Association Services appreciate your support.