Celebrating 15 years of Enhancing Great Communities!

Our unique business model allows us to help your community become a worry-free, great place to live, maximizing your time to spend with your family, friends & life in general. Welcome home to an Association Services Great Community with you guessed it –one friendly, knowledgeable team!


Your association rules are important to your property value and your peace of mind, the protective covenants are a part of the community to which you belong. Everyone who has purchased a home in the community has agreed to abide by them. What do you do when a covenant is being violated? Who enforces the rules?

Association Services is able to work with the Board of Directors to continue to be members of the community. So often the Board finds that they are becoming “the bad guys”. Since we are not residents there is no emotional involvement. We are an impartial third party. Policies and procedures are put in place to ensure that all members of the community are treated fairly and with respect. Exceptions are considered and appeals are reviewed.

You deserve to have a first rate neighborhood. At Association Services, we work with you to make it happen.


Collection of the assessment happens yearly, quarterly, monthly … or does it? Association Services can facilitate the collection of the assessments no matter what the frequency. The Budget can be adopted to make the assessments work for the community. We provide timely deposits of the assessments and accurate collection information. Late fees and interest will be applied as stated in the Declarations. Monthly statements are mailed as a part of the collection process.


Who’s handling your money? Association Services is bonded and insured. We also have a Certified Public Accountant on staff. Our accounting process assures independent review of all financial transactions. We coordinate bids for annual contracts as well as for special projects. Our experience in the field has allowed us to find the best contractor for the job.


The keys to success are knowledge and communication. We are a member of the Community Association Institute. This brings to us great educational opportunities and access to the newest information and latest court rulings available. We in turn can be a great resource to our clients’ associations and a foundation for those unique situations that are difficult and uncomfortable to deal with.